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In Pandora, we strive to create an environment where all our employees will work efficiently in the direction of the "People First" principle, and the relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. We are aware that intellectual property is the most important element for continuous improvement. Pandora is Pandora because of its high-quality professional staff who works with full dedication. Our goal is to put our signature together and rise together with our company as the Pandora family under great success. Everyone in Pandora is the leader of his own business; our flexible organization allows every employee to take responsibility and take initiative in matters related to their own work. Our vision for Human Resources is to empower all Pandora employees to become experts in the field of human resources and to deliver Pandora to a level where it will walk without need of Human Resources departments.

Our HR Vision
To combine our corporate strategies with human resources practices and ensure that our employees are proud of being a member of Pandora Plastik team, and feel that they are superior than the teams at competitors with our service quality and they are becoming a benchmarked company at Pandora…

The annual personnel training program of the company is made by Human Resources. Training needs are determined by improving staff performance and career development. Apart from the planned training, personnel is sent to training if he / she or with his / her manager's recommendation is appropriate to the Human Resources.

The training result is documented and put in his/her file. It is also expected that the performance of the staff will increase after training.

Our Education Management System
Orientation training
Technical Trainings
Personal Development Training
Occupational Safety and Worker Health Training

Our HR Goals
To make use of human resources in the most efficient and effective way, to direct production and management power to company targets, to improve individual and team performance with continuous quality improving processes and systems,
Realize the assignment of personnel according to the nature of the job, providing the opportunities for training and development according to the talents and competencies of the personnel, implementing internal and external training programs within the framework of the determined plan,
To supervise the equal opportunity in promotion and appointments within the organization, to work to make executive appointments among the internal staff as much as possible, to take care of raising internal staff for the top jobs.
Informing the personnel of the matters they are involved in a timely manner, ensuring that their views and opinions are easily indicated to the upper echelons, providing necessary communication methods for this
Encouraging the staff on his / her work, creating a work environment that will make him / her happy and striving for good relations among the employees,
Determining the wages of the personnel by objective measures and job evaluation system, applying fair and adequate wage policies within the framework of company and sector conditions,
Evaluate the successful staff by size of opportunities.